Sports Nutrition and Supplements
Contract Manufacturer

10 steps to launch your private label

Get in touch with us
email or phone us with your detailed enquire
Product list
we will send you a list of products with prices
based on the agreed formulas we will send you sample products
Sign the contract
once the products and costs are agreed we will sign the contract with the terms and conditions
Place order
you kindly place your order
Label work
we can apply the label created by you or with the help of our graphic design team
from the date of order production will take app. 3-4 weeks
we can find a carrier with the most competitive freight exchange on the market and save costs for you, alternatively you can arrange your own collection
Earn some cash
sell yout product online, in a shop or other platforms
Repeat from 5.
once you have successfully sold your products we can work with you on forecasting to ensure timely availability and continuous supply